StackGuard Plumbing Vent Covers- US PATENT #6244006

Stack Guard NEW DESIGN information sheet


Are you having problems with PESTS getting in your house?

They could be entering through unprotected plumbing vents. Plumbing vents are sewer pipes which extend from the roof down to your toilets and sinks. There are easy passageways for all kinds of pests to gain access to the inside of your house.

Squirrels, rats, snakes, and a variety of insects can enter through a poorly protected plumbing roof vent. Stackguard protects your plumbing vents from many different kinds of pest infestation. Stack Guard vent screens can be installed on new or existing roof vents

Are you having problems with LEAKS?

Damaged plumbing boots cause roof leaks and major repair expenses. Often these types of leaks are just enough to get the inside of the wall where the pipe runs down wet but not enough to be noticed, causing undetected mold and bug problems.

Stack Guard is total protection for the 2 roof top plumbing vent probems:

  • Stack Guard is made of UV stable impact resistant color through Polypropylene.
  • This one product keeps pests from entering the plumbing pipes that lead to your toilet and protects the waterproofing boot from damage that can lead to roof leaks.

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