Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Prevents Roof Rot & Other Common Problems

roof cleaning
One of the easiest ways that you can save money on home maintenance and roof repairs is through routine roof cleaning. However, many of our friends and neighbors don’t think that this critical part of home maintenance is needed. In the pursuit of trying to save money, many people also trick themselves into believing that cleaning their roof is unnecessary. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

We spend so much time in the inside of our homes. We keep them clean and take the time to ensure that all our major appliances work. However, we constantly neglect one of the major parts of our home that literally gives us shelter, the roof. Over the years, we have noticed that, even with the best intentions, gutters and roofs are neglected and not cleaned as often as they should be. This neglect has led to many phone calls from distraught homeowners who now have a leak problem, or worse, roof rot and decay. The reason for these problems is simple; Dirty and debris laden gutters and roofs hasten the deterioration process of the roof surface and the wood structure around the edge of the roof. Accumulation of debris is the number one cause of premature rot.

If you’re skeptical that roof cleaning is necessary, here are the results of a recent study conducted by Ohio State University. According to the study, “current estimates show that replacement materials, needed to repair damage caused by rot alone, account for nearly 10 percent of U.S. annual wood production.” Think about the dollar amount that goes along with that statistic. We’re talking millions of dollars spent by homeowners across this country in roof repairs that could have been avoided.

The study goes on to provide a recommendation to homeowners throughout the country, “The key to preventing rot is to control the wood’s exposure to moisture and to employ an effective prevention and treatment program. Most wood decay fungi grow only on wood with high moisture content, usually 20 percent or above.”

roof cleaning
Leaves and other debris that is left on your roof always end up soaking up moisture and decays into a soft material. The result is a perfect habitat for various insects. Breeding insects such as ants, termites, and other pests love it when homeowners neglect their roof. What makes matters worse is that these very same pests carry moisture themselves as they travel through and around your roof. Like walking around the house after you take a shower, these same bugs leave a trail of moisture. The result of all these trails is wood rot. In a weird twist, another term for this kind of roof maintenance problem is dry rot.

Regardless of whether you want to call it wood rot, roof rot, or dry rot, the condition remains the same. Basically, the moisture that is left on your roof creates a fungus that decimates and eats away at wood fibers. As the wood breaks down, it becomes increasingly weak, brittle, and begins to break down completely.

How can you prevent wood rot and other common roofing problems? By having a roof cleaning schedule that is meant to control leaves and other vegetation that finds a home on your roof and piles on your gutters, you can help prevent a major and costly roof repair. These routine cleanings are affordable and an investment in the long term health of your roof, and your budget. A roof cleaning service can lessen the long lasting build up that leads to excessive moisture and roof decay. Again, because moisture is a year round issue in Florida that cannot be ignored, having regularly scheduled cleanings can give you the peace of mind you need while you live your daily life. Basically, we believe that it’s hard enough staying on top of the issues in your life, don’t spend your precious time on top of your roof!

Simply put, the cost to clean out gutters and clean your roof is very small compared to the cost of replacing a roof or making very large roof repairs. Homeowners who put off roof cleaning almost always end up with some sort of roof deterioration issue. Once deterioration sets in, the overall cost will be significant.

Hiring a local contractor that is both licensed and insured is highly recommended. Having a professional roofing service can perform roof cleaning is a good idea because cleaning a roof can be a tedious and, depending on any number of factors, a dangerous task. Using a locally owned and reputable company that provides affordable and timely roof maintenance will also ensure that you save money in the long run. Once you have regularly scheduled roof cleaning appointments, you will also have peace of mind knowing that the service can and will detect minor problems that would have, without their presence, become major problems.

Call us today for a free roof evaluation. Most of the roofs we service in the Sarasota area are cleaned for under $100. We look forward to saving you time and money.