We are state licensed to do comprehensive home inspections and roofing inspections for buying and selling or for insurance purposes.

h2It is often possible to save money on your wind insurance by having us do a WIND MITIGATION INSPECTION for you. This inspection looks at how wind resistant the building is including truss tie-downs and bracing, sheating attachment, roofing installation, and opening protection. , Having the Wind Mitigation Form completed will often save you money on your wind premium. Wind Mitigation Form

If you have Citizens Insurance, they may require that you have a licensed person fill our their Citizens Roof Condition form as well. This simply tells them if the roof will last at least 3 more years. Citizens Roof Condition Form


If you have a house over 50 years old, the insurance may require a 4 point inspection by a licensed inspector to determine if you electric, plumbing, air conditioning, and roofing have been updated. 4 Point Inspection Form


Call us to get a cost estimate for any needed inspections at 941-342-9651.