Dry in

thumbz__dryinv1The clean up and dry-in are the foundational aspects of a good roof that will last for many years. The roofing will lay flat and look good if the decking is clean and smooth. We use a blower once the roof is swept clean to get rid of all the small dirt particles.

In the past, tar paper was used as the dry-in under shingles. Now, if your house is a single family residential structure, you are required to use self adhesive rubber as the dry-in. It is stuck directly to the roof deck so there is no way for water to travel between the membrane and the decking. This will drastically reduce the possibility for rotten wood. It is a very good product and gives you extra protection for the long run since the membrane seals around the nails or screws .

If you have a multi-family or commercial building, you are not required to use the self adhesive dry in, but may still choose to do so. There are different self adhesive products available for shingle, metal, and flat roof applications. We can help you choose what is best for your situation.